Links 10/8/18

Links for you. Science:

No, the Flu Shot Is Not 100 Percent Effective. Yes, You Still Need It
No One Knows Exactly What Would Happen If Mosquitoes Were to Disappear
Timing of Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Is Key to Case on Wildlife Threatened by Climate Change
Trump administration launches review of scientific research involving fetal tissue (this again. Ugh)
To overcome decades of mistrust, a workshop aims to train Indigenous researchers to be their own genome experts


What’s Your Job
The Rot Comes From The Top
Angry over Kavanaugh’s confirmation? This fight was worth having. And it continues.
Bus Transformation #5: Expand and improve unlimited passes
Data for politics #26: Florida Primaries (this is good, but could we get an R2?)
Speaking Of Odd–Or Is The Word “Conflicted”?
Elizabeth Warren’s new, tantalizing claim about Kavanaugh shows what utter madness this is
They didn’t have to steal papers from Obama
Christine Blasey Ford Is a Class Traitor
D.C. Rape Crisis Center Reports Spike in Hotline Calls During Kavanaugh Saga
One reliable way to raise wages is to … you know … raise wages
McKinsey Advises Puerto Rico on Debt. It May Profit on the Outcome.
Elissa Silverman defends paid leave law at D.C. Council candidate forum
At Board Meeting, Metro Bumps General Manager’s Pay And Riders’ Advisory Group Addresses Its Dissolution
“It just takes too long” to make DC streets safer, councilmembers and advocates say (DDOT is utterly unaccountable)
KellyAnne and the presumption of innocence
Why Real Change Won’t Come From Billionaire Philanthropists

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