About That Anonymous NY Times Op-Ed

…a few quick points (referring to this):

  1. If this is what internal opposition to Trump looks like, then what Trump et alia want to do must be terrifying.
  2. Even though there is internal ‘resistance’, that didn’t stop the abandonment of Puerto Rico or putting small children into cages.
  3. The author gives the tell when the author lists all of the things the author likes. That’s more important to the author than, let’s say, not putting small children into cages or using bigotry for political gain. It will probably be helpful when he writes his tell-all book, though.
  4. I’ve been saying from the get-go that this is what working for a narcissist is like. If he reads this he will be even worse, even more paranoid and delusional.
  5. The Democrats must take back the House so hearings can be held. Into everything.
  6. This is a coup. Like it or not, Il Trumpe was elected president. So we’re stuck between a de facto coup and a mentally unstable (not to mention corrupt and bigoted) president. Awesome.
  7. This is a great distraction from the Kavanaugh hearing, if one wants to get conspiratorial.


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4 Responses to About That Anonymous NY Times Op-Ed

  1. Joe Shelby says:

    “that’s more important that putting small kids in cages”

    1) the author may not have been in a position to intercept those orders,

    2) ICE was clearly revealed in those months of (still ongoing hell) to be as evil as any American police/security force has ever gotten since Kent State: they would have done it anyways, just from what Trump tweeted. They became the gestapo Trump wanted, given that he couldn’t get the military or the fbi to go there.

    I get the rest of your point there: he’s still a conservative and still wants the conservative agenda put into action, so even this resistance is relative. He would rather they control the institutions than destroy them.

  2. Jay says:

    Also, one needs to wonder what are his/her motivations for writing this op-ed? As you say, if you’re a secret cabal trying to resist a paranoid president, isn’t it better to keep your cabal a secret? Are they trying to cover their butt so when Trump finally goes down they’ll be able to point at it and say “See, I was resisting!” or is there something more here? And if it is the former, one has to think they know something is coming soon, thus writing the op-ed now as opposed to after the election.

    Points are well taken though. Basically they’re just trying to keep him from making America a smoldering pile – everything else is honky dory horrific policy.

  3. daved says:

    This kind of thing happened in the late stages of the Nixon administration, too. Mel Laird had bugged the White House to know what Nixon wanted to do and stopped him from doing some of it.

  4. jmagoun – United States
    John Magoun says:

    My best guess is this is a sacrifice play to get the Dems to control the House but not the Senate, to act as a constitutional brake but not reverse gear on the positive aspects of the Republicans controlling the executive branch. But I don’t really claim to understand the insanely intricate machinations this op-ed clearly sits on top of.

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