Links 9/5/18

Links for you. Science:

Here’s How to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions Without Taxing Them
Open questions: How many genes do we have?
The madness of microbiome: Attempting to find consensus “best practice” for 16S microbiome studies
Scientists are raising the alarm that upcoming USDA overhaul will slash research funding
Thinking of a Fluoroquinolone? Think Again


Low Hanging Fruit
The Zero-Sum Economy
Progressive Elissa Silverman faces pro-business challenge in at-large council race
What Life Is Like—Still—In D.C.’s Public Housing
Why do Barry Farm and DC General residents fight to stay even in bad conditions?
DC is incentivizing driving by subsidizing parking for its employees
Safety culture or safety behavior?
Slaves of the State: Prison Uprisings and the Legacy of Attica
Vampire Porn
The City Born in a Day: The bizarre origin story of the surprisingly exceptional Oklahoma City, in a government-sanctioned raid called the Land Run.
The Mueller investigation is showing how badly we’ve failed to prosecute white-collar crime (must be reading my blog…)
I’m just gonna tell a fun story about *one* subplot in the colorful and exotic life of Paul Manafort. Because I’m feeling very Ukrainian right now and it’s quite a tale!
“Kirk, a female Border Collie, watching herself win the 2017 Purina Pro Challenge.”
Brett Kavanaugh’s disturbing abortion history: He ruled against women who were forced to abort
The Great Chinese Art Heist
Muslim Woman Says TSA Forced Her To Show Her Bloodied Pad During Airport Screening

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