Links 8/8/18

Links for you. Science:

Drivers of Microbiome Biodiversity: A Review of General Rules, Feces, and Ignorance
Plate tectonics not needed to sustain life
Fishing May Be Making Fish Less Sociable, More Aggressive
NYT Magazine’s Nathaniel Rich Goes Full Pogo
Mars Is Frigid, Rusty and Haunted. We Can’t Stop Looking at It.


Worse than Pizzagate conspiracy theory is gaining force among Trump supporters (nothing in movement conservatism makes sense except in the light of creationism…)
New safety inspection reports show slow but steady Metro progress
How the Dominant Business Paradigm Turns Nice People into Psychopaths
Do Yelp’s Health Scores Accurately Capture the Cleanliness of D.C. Restaurants?
Are Stock Buybacks Starving the Economy?
People Are So Stupid
Why some Christians don’t believe in gun control: They think God handed down the Second Amendment
The Democrats’ milquetoast plan to rein in Facebook is actually pretty risky (complicated proposals are inherently risky)
The creeping privatization of public libraries
Leggett not ready to endorse Jealous; some other Democrats are tepid (party unity never extends from the center to the left)
Prominent Maryland Democrats are refusing to endorse Ben Jealous and are praising the Republican
The DeVos Democrats
How white supremacists split a quiet Rust Belt town
New Housing Can Spur Growth In Cities Left for Dead (the question is should it be indirectly or directly funded by government, though the author would never frame it that way…)
How do you get into Harvard? For the lucky few, there’s the Z list.

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