Get Rid Of All Of The Democratic Political Consultants

In a very interesting article about the graphic design of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign (really, it’s good), the authors conclude (boldface mine):

The branding has personality and point of view, something absent from most political designs (and many politicians). It feels populist, pop and polished all at once. Ocasio-Cortez is treated like the star on a movie poster, like she’s a character ready for action. While this larger-than-life portrayal could become a liability in the future, it has helped to push the candidate onto the national stage and to define her as a progressive. While many political consultants would have rejected this unconventional branding, the Ocasio-Cortez campaign had the confidence to take a different approach. With any political campaign, the candidate brings the design to life and not the other way around, but her strong branding certainly played a supporting role in her victory.

Most Democratic House candidates have consultants foisted upon them by the DCCC. I’m really not joking about this: if candidates don’t use the DCCC consultants, they don’t get DCCC funding. But these consultants are using the same tired strategies, everything from dumping most of the raised money into ad buys (for which they get a 15% commission…) to tired presentation styles (have you ever noticed how Democratic signs and bumper stickers never look good?).

Just get rid of them and get some new blood.

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5 Responses to Get Rid Of All Of The Democratic Political Consultants

  1. Joe Shelby says:

    Shades of The West Wing here, particularly the flashback sequence of Josh meeting Bartlett. Jeb had 3 “standard” Democratic consultants with him (ones who had helped him get the governorship), plus Toby, plus Leo, when Josh arrived. Josh saw the speech. Josh answered honestly.

    Leo fired the other 3 and kept just Josh and Toby and started over. Josh and Toby drew their lines in the sand, the liberal lines they would not give up and would not fall behind. And it became a strength not a weakness.

    This was Sorkin’s message then, and it holds now. She’s a contemporary Matt Santos in a way.

    She won because she drew a line in the sand.

  2. jmagoun – United States
    John Magoun says:

    Good point about the Dems’ graphic designs. They do suck and have for a long time. I even remember that horror show of the not-quite red, not-quite white, and not-quite blue color scheme from one of the conventions in the 1980s that nominated another losing candidate.

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    Tech Cement says:

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