Links 6/28/18

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Links for you. Science:

Antibiotic prophylaxis—Preventing severe infections and saving lives in poor countries with very high mortality risk
Hepatitis Spikes as Poverty and Isolation Take Hold Among America’s Forgotten
Historic DC cemetery doubles as pollution-absorbing sponge
So much for ‘statistical objectivity’
Israel’s treasure chest of wild riches and ruins opens


GOP Dinner Denial is a Warning (this is excellent and really important)
28-Year-Old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Might Just Be the Future of the Democratic Party
Earthquake in the Bronx: Ocasio-Cortez Beat 10 Term Establishment Dem Crowley in Primary
Do posh waterfronts make a city world-class? D.C. is betting hundreds of millions on it.
Recent events provide a great illustration that, while it is a social norm in polite society to support nonviolent protest, in the face of actual nonviolent protests, most political and social elites really want no protest at all.
Hey Democrats, stop tone-policing outrage and start standing behind people who are most at risk
I’ve Been Reporting on MS-13 for a Year. Here Are the 5 Things Trump Gets Most Wrong.
Koch Money and the Unflappable Economist
Why Joseph Crowley’s Defeat Should Scare Joe Biden
How the Surveillance State Destroys the Lives of Poor Whites and People of Color
Protecting Priceless Art From Natural Disasters
We Need to Talk About Reactionary Centrists
Trump doesn’t need to put families in detention centers to enforce his immigration policy. There are better options.
Who’s afraid of the big bad robot?
Things are… not good
This Father’s Day, men are experiencing a crisis of masculinity. The solution? More feminism.
Five Female Students Are Suing GWU After They Say They Were Assaulted And Harassed At Work
Elizabeth Warren: “There Are Not Enough … Democrats Willing to Take On the Billionaire Class”

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