Part-Time Resistance

Dan Rather makes a very good point:

One of the reasons I ding the professional Democratic class, which includes politicians, operatives, think tankers, some non-profit organizations, and aligned pundits, so often is that they have, well, one job, just one job, and they’re not very good at it. Many people simply don’t have the time to be full-time political activists, and those who make a living at it just aren’t getting it done. The rest of us have day jobs. It gets a little tiring. And many of those day jobs ‘matter’ too.

I’m not going to nearly as many protests or rallies as I was (and as a colonial citizen of the District of Columbia*, like Puerto Ricans, that is my only political option–along with donating money).

It’s a problem.

*One would think Democrats would want two Senate seats and a House seat, but then again, they have a pathological aversion towards actual governance.

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  1. Bern says:

    Indeed a chronic condition – was thinking about this earlier today. As a recent immigrant from the Golden Siliconical State, I’m in the same unrepresented position as you now. We’ve a responsibility to keep digging, sifting, scrutinizing, but unless the folks whose careers depend on that sort of enterprise continue to find decent pay, I don’t quite see how we hold it together. So yeah, donate, subscribe (sometimes while holding olfactory organ, I know), and keep spreading it around – that’s our task…
    And by gadfry, you are doing yeoman’s work!


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