Why Our Foreign Policy Establishment Is Morally Bankrupt

Anne-Marie Slaughter in response to Operation Desert Stormy:

You don’t kill people because it makes you feel better about yourself. The word for that is evil.

For those of you in the slow politics group, Slaughter was appointed by Secretary of State Clinton to be the Director of Policy Planning for the State Department. She is a Very Serious Person.

The best people.

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3 Responses to Why Our Foreign Policy Establishment Is Morally Bankrupt

  1. Nobody has reported what exactly WAS bombed. Does anybody know? Nor if anybody was killed. Maybe they just bombed a useful research facility?

  2. Lots of folks blame political parties for the foreign policy establishment. But they exist outside of parties. They are trained and fed by academic institutions and everyone who works for Johns Hopkins, Carnegie Mellon, Tufts, Harvard and Princeton should be ashamed.

  3. intendor12 says:

    I believe this airstrike simply illustrates the failure of the UN to adapt to the present power balance and indicates the increasing likelihood of apocalyptic riot. I support the plan for Reinvention of the UN as written by former UN Spokesman, the late Andre` Lewin. I have done what I could from where I am to make sure Nikki Haley knew what the Reinvention plan, points was. If the nations of the world agree that the US, France, & the UK get to be the World Government by right of might, well what sort of system is that?

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