Links 3/15/18

Links for you. Science:

The Weird World Inside a Pitcher Plant
Forests Protect the Climate. A Future With More Storms Would Mean Trouble.
Congress Quashed Research Into Gun Violence. Since Then, 600,000 People Have Been Shot.
The Controversial Link Between Epic Storms and a Warming Arctic


Silicon Valley’s Gilded Cage (must-read)
Today Among Our Special Elite Media Snowflakes
Saudis Said to Use Coercion and Abuse to Seize Billions (this, not a 70% marginal income tax rate, is what confiscation looks like)
Dem senator: Why is Trump silent on Putin blaming Jews for election interference?
After Putin Cites Jews, Democrats Implore Trump to Extradite Russians
Betsy DeVos’s Investment in DC Distillery Draws Boycott Threats
Trump’s Towers Pale Next to Ultraluxury Buildings, Studies Show
D.C. Residents Set to Fight High Water Bills (don’t know what to make of this. We shouldn’t be slamming black institutions, but, at the same time, the parking lots need to be reduced)
Trump’s Order Stops ALL Foreign Takeovers of Large US Tech Companies
The Racial Dimension of Student Debt
What Elizabeth Warren Is In For: Trump will use Warren’s family history to stir up the dregs of the racial animus that got him to the White House in the first place. (though Il Trumpe will do this with any Democratic candidate)
The (Classist, Racist) History of Jaywalking
Trump’s Nominee For CIA Director: This Is What Happens When There’s No Justice For Torture
This would be a really good week for Senate Democrats to defeat a racist banking bill

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  1. Rick B says:

    Mike! Where have you been?? I can’t believe I just discovered you. ;( Thank you for this raucous shitstorm of an incredible blog! Look forward to combing through the great orange memes and your scientific pontifications. Cheers.

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