Links 3/6/18

Links for you. Science:

Urban Heat Islands Punch Holes in Fog
Why Does My Kid Freak Out?
What Do Proposed Budget Cuts Mean For Infectious Diseases?
These Viruses Found in Brazil Are So Huge They’re Challenging What We Think a ‘Virus’ Is
Paradise Regained: How the Palmyra Atoll Got Rid of Invasive Mosquitoes


The Worst Thing Hillary Clinton Said During The 2016 Campaign
The West Virginia Strike
How to make an innocent client plead guilty
Michelle Rhee: Is She Merely A Liar, or is She Just Stupid? You Decide
Most Americans Can’t Afford A Minor Emergency
New Mexico Democrat who blocked voting rights bills gets high-profile progressive primary challenger (another Democrat sabotaging Democratic voters)
ICE Is a Terrifying and Faceless Federal Agency. Here’s the Face of the Guy Who Runs the Seattle Office. Fuck Him.
Has Jared Kushner Conspired to Defraud America?
National Security Pros, It’s Time to Talk About Right-Wing Extremism
DCCC Advised Candidates Not To Discuss Gun Control Policy Right After Vegas Shooting: The campaign organization said Democrats should focus on offering thoughts and prayers.
Trump’s Feeble Hurricane Response Probably Cost Nearly a Thousand Lives in Puerto Rico
We X-Rayed Some MLB Baseballs. Here’s What We Found.
California agriculture sees ‘chilling, damaging effect’ from wave of immigration audits (when this happened in Georgia, crops rotted in the fields…)
Trump confidant dumped millions in steel-related stock last week
That awkward moment when you realize you came to the wrong Purim party
This major new report on gun deaths should shock us all
Pruitt tapes revealed: Evolution’s a ‘theory,’ ‘majority’ religions under attack

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