Links 2/8/18

Links for you. Science:

A game of chicken: how Indian poultry farming is creating global superbugs
How warp-speed evolution is transforming ecology
The CDC Is About to Fall Off a Funding Cliff
The Evolution of Petface
New API Keys for the E-utilities


ACA Sucks
Hey Democrats, the Problem Isn’t Jobs and Growth
Retreat, America
The missile employee messed up because Hawaii rewards incompetence
Democrats Lack A Bold National Climate Change Plan In The Trump Era, And It Shows
The Crosscheck Voter Database Is a Security Threat
If You Want to Expand Our Welfare System, Call It ‘Assistance to the Poor’
How to Be a Responsible Music Fan in the Age of Streaming
The Proof Is in the Jobs Report: Minimum-Wage Hikes Work
Tom Cotton Doesn’t Oppose Mass Immigration for Economic Reasons
Why NFL Ratings Are Plummeting: A Two-Part Theory
From Minneapolis to Inglewood, the shifting politics of NFL stadium design
Will truckers be automated? (related: riding the bus this weekend, the driver reopened the doors so someone could run in and get her gloves that she forgot. Self-driving thingees don’t do that)
CMS threatens to bar Modern Healthcare from press calls after reporter refuses to alter story (but somewhere an idiot nineteen year old on a college campus did something stupid, so both sides)
How Immigration Became So Controversial

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