Links 2/6/18

Links for you. Science:

The dark side of light: how artificial lighting is harming the natural world
Honeybees Help Farmers, But They Don’t Help The Environment
More birth defects seen in parts of U.S. with local Zika spread: CDC
What lives in our dirt? A handful of bacterial species dominate soils across the globe.
‘Absurdly small’: Taxonomy funds shrivel amid rising threats and discoveries


1 Neo-Nazi Group. 5 Murders In 8 Months. (and the NY Times has spent much, much more time covering a subset of idiot college kids. Who are the real threat to freedom)
It could soon be a crime to blame Poland for Nazi atrocities, and Israel is appalled (well Likudniks, no one could have possibly predicted that making nice with right wing European nationalists would end badly…)
France backs down on honoring an infamous anti-Semite. Many ask why he was being honored to begin with.
Segregation is a normal good
Reframe the Debate
The Plot Against America
Democrats Are Changing Their Minds About Race, and the Youth Are Leading the Way
The Great Infrastructure Scam of 2018 (make sure you read the photo legend too)
The Democrats’ Massive, Foolish Omission
Trump’s offshore drilling plan could hurt Maine lobsters and Maryland crabs
Say Goodbye To Your Tips
“Chain-migration” created today’s Asian America
Donald Trump carves out his place in history. One.
Trump is a typical conservative. That says a lot about the conservative tradition.
Trump DOL Hid Report Showing Its Tips Rule Would Likely Cost Workers Billions
The extraordinary nihilism of Republican attacks on the Russia investigation

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