Links 1/27/18

Links for you. Science:

Republicans love NASA. But why do they doubt its climate science?
Short Sleep Duration Among Middle School and High School Students — United States, 2015
Everywhere you look, flu


Don’t Fear Trump–Fear the Next Republican President
In three years, LGBT Americans have gone from triumph to backlash
Big Pharma Greets Hundreds Of Ex-Federal Workers At The ‘Revolving Door’
The Case for Fancier Subways: We Deserve Them
The U.S. Can No Longer Hide From Its Deep Poverty Problem
Amazon Scores Two More $5+ Billion Bids (Kenneth Thomas is the person to read about this)
The Rising Pressure of the #MeToo Backlash
Schools and lockers: No longer the right combination
Raising Kids in Delhi’s Worsening Air
Trump’s USDA chief is using fake news to prep an attack on hungry Americans
Burger King’s prank net-neutrality video shows what happens when customers are charged $26 for faster Whopper service
When selection mechanisms fail
The Passion of the Glenn Greenwald
Police Union Privileges
The antisocial politics of Trump
Trump Groups Raised Millions, Then Paid It Out to Loyalists and a Trump Hotel

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1 Response to Links 1/27/18

  1. jmagoun – United States
    John Magoun says:

    The ‘Lawyers, Guns, and Money’ blog that you linked to starts with this:

    “I’m sure that most of you have read Simon van Zuylen-Wood’s New York profile of Glenn Greenwald’s opposition to the Russia investigation that Paul referenced below. A lot of what follows has already been covered in that comment thread, but I thought it was worth posting some additional thoughts to the front page. I also strongly recommend Marcy Wheeler’s response to that piece in the New Republic, which riffs on the fact that the original article did not include any female voices, despite the fact that van Zuylen-Wood interviewed several female subject-area experts.”

    But I haven’t read the New York profile. The entire above paragraph reads like gibberish to me – although i know it makes perfect sense to someone who’s not me. The LG&M article is incomprehensible for a lay reader, so to speak. Every sentence assumes you know the entire ‘story so far’. As I followed several of the links, I realized I don’t know who ‘Glenn Greenwald’ is, nor anything else about this whole affair, whatever it is.

    OK: I’m ignorant, or I don’t keep up, even though I read the NY Times daily and follow your blog and several other progressive blogs on a daily basis. But really, I ask you not to give us links “for you” that are so self-involved that amateur politics junkies cannot really enter without a graduate-level course in the entire issue at hand. Most of your links are far more skillfully written for the general reader, which is why I so appreciate the effort you put into your daily posts.

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