Links 1/16/18

Links for you. Science:

Incredible ‘Hypatia’ Stone Contains Compounds Not Found in the Solar System
What the dip in US life expectancy is really about: inequality
Why It’s Still Worth Getting a Flu Shot
Influence of Soap Characteristics and Food Service Facility Type on the Degree of Bacterial Contamination of Open, Refillable Bulk Soaps.
Scientists Continue to Use Outdated Methods


I Started the Media Men List. My name is Moira Donegan.
The Hidden Attrition Of Success Academy
IRS paid private debt collectors $20 million to recoup $6.7 million from low-income Americans
How to Get New York Moving Again
Get a grip, people. Oprah should not run for president.
Kylo Ren in the White House
Museum of Fine Arts will use a puppy to sniff out pests that could damage its collections
Sunday Morning Comin’ Down
Thinking about minimum wages, and thinking about them like an economist
Monks With Machetes
Oprah 2020 Is A Bad Liberal Revenge Fantasy
Yes, mass deportation is on the table. It always was.
The Case for More Female Cops
David Brooks: Because Every Political Catastrophe Needs a Sanctimonious Equivocator
The Sexual Assault Epidemic No One Talks About (this is very upsetting. You’ve been warned)
Affirmative action doesn’t hurt white medical school applicants
Trump Is No Reagan

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