Links 11/15/17

Links for you. Science:

‘Unlucky’ dinosaurs: no extinction if asteroid had hit almost any other part of Earth
Long-term Study Finds That the Pesticide Glyphosate Does Not Cause Cancer
Most scientists now reject the idea that the first Americans came by land
10 Senators Call for Investigation into EPA Pushing Scientists Off Advisory Boards
As epidemic rages, ER study finds opioids no better than Advil and Tylenol


No (INCREASED) Taxation Without Representation
Trickle Up Housing: Filtering Does Go Both Ways. Building homes for extremely low-income people allows other homes to filter up to people in need—a better bet than waiting for luxury units to trickle down.
There is no bottom for Roy Moore Republicans
Was a shooting that killed 3 at Walmart motivated by hate?
Politics Gets Personal: Effects of Political Partisanship and Advertising on Family Ties (pdf)
He Solved The DNC Hack. Now He’s Telling His Story For The First Time.
The Unforgiving Minute: Men, get ready to be uncomfortable for a while. While forgiveness may come one day, it won’t be soon.
Untangling the City: Congestion Pricing in the Big Apple
Alaska Sen. Murkowski Introduces Bill to Drill Arctic Wildlife Refuge
Gross Conversations
Reasons for Hope: The Cultural Shift on Rape and Sexual Abuse
Kingdom Of Fear: Saudi Arabia On Lockdown
The Powerful Predators on Capitol Hill
Virginia voter: “It could have been Dr. Seuss or Berenstain Bears on the ballot – I would voted for them if they were a Democrat”
Health care played big role in Democratic win in Virginia
Top 10 Things Unions Can Do Right Now to Address Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Virginia was a huge victory for Democrats. But it also shows how elections are rigged in Republicans’ favor.
Hand over your weapons
Facebook Is Ignoring Anti-Abortion Fake News

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  1. Someone says:

    That’s non-avian dinosaurus. 😛
    There are good reasons to think glyphosate is not harmful. It blocks the synthesis of amino acids animals can’t produce.

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