Links 10/11/17

Links for you. Science:

People are getting sick from a bacterial disease — and pet-store puppies might be to blame
Trump Administration Denies Endangered Species Protection To Walruses Threatened By Climate Change
Bananapocalypse: The race to save the world’s most popular fruit
President Trump has no idea what’s happening in Puerto Rico (I’m putting this here, because imagine if we have an acute public health crisis)
Lead Exposure Continues To Needlessly Destroy Lives


Deadbeat Democrats: How Bill Clinton set the stage for the GOP’s war on the poor (and part of how we got into our current mess)
The Liberal Media (subtweet at Cillizza et alia)
How We Think About the Deficit Is Mostly Wrong
Gun Sales Are Plummeting and Trump Wants to Help
The Sacred Harvest (“…that we live in a society where a person can announce that they own 10 or 25 or 50 or 100 guns and the overwhelming, immediate response is not “What in the living fuck is wrong with you?” followed by a psych evaluation is the definitive proof that this will keep happening over and over and over again.”)
Feminism, Not Hugh Hefner, Liberated Sex
Stop Fighting To Win. Fight to Fight.
Why Europe Needs a New Deal, Not Breakup
Trump is on track to win reelection
Swing Counties and Why Clinton Really Lost? It Wasn’t Sanders Fault…It was Hers (“Trump/Pence not only made nearly 60% more campaign visits than Clinton/Kaine, but they visited nearly 90% more counties. Simply put, they made more visits to more locations than Clinton/Kaine.”)
Is the artist behind ‘Pay Trump bribes here’ a protest messenger for our times?
Trump’s Terrible Plan to Rescue the Coal Industry
Arizona congressman repeats bogus claim that Charlottesville violence was left-wing plot
On Vegas, Shootings and Gun Control
After 51 years, one of the last old-school cobblers in D.C. is closing shop
Both sides
The ‘ironic’ friendship that convinced a former neo-Nazi to erase his swastika tattoos
Republican House monsters demand pound of flesh for helping poor children, Puerto Ricans
When Working From Home Doesn’t Work

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