Links 5/14/17

Links for you. Science:

Foolishness about NIH funding
Public health journal’s editorial board tells publisher they have “grave concerns” over new editor
A New Addition to the Human Family Tree Is Surprisingly Young
Why Everything We Know About Salt May Be Wrong
A Baffling Brain Defect Is Linked to Gut Bacteria, Scientists Say (remains to be seen, etc.)


How Would a Populist Tax? (excellent)
President Trump’s federal appointments are bonkers — but that’s just business as usual for Republicans
Our idiot king (the truth is not kind)
Don’t Ignore This Census Story (Republicans have wanted to do this for a very long time)
If this is feminism…
Fox News’s Tucker Carlson demagogued a rape case involving immigrants. Then they were cleared.
Hi, @Raul_Labrador, I’m a health systems engineer and will be glad to explain precisely how lacking health insurance kills lots of people.
Discrimination Is Not De Facto
Is Your City Being Sold Off to Global Elites?
The Surprising Role of Clergy in the Abortion Fight Before Roe v. Wade (abortion is a blessing)
Tom Price commends West Virginia officers who arrested journalist asking questions
The Very Rich First Family: In Washington, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Pay $15K a Month in Rent
The great British Brexit robbery: how our democracy was hijacked
Will Karl Racine Challenge Muriel Bowser for D.C.’s Top Job?
The Racial Wealth Gap and Homeownership Nonsense
It’s Time Democrats Change Their Stories About the Deficit

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