Links 3/29/17

Links for you. Science:

The Case of the Dead Dog, the Bullet, and the Geneticist Who Solved It
NOAA Cuts Could Stymie Research, Put Lives at Risk
Why the Math Curriculum Makes No Sense
Is our media learning medical reporting? Go on. Guess.
Bill making it harder for scientists to sit on EPA Science Board advances


Donald Trump Is Filling Top Pentagon and Homeland Security Positions With Defense Contractors
A 40-year ‘conspiracy’ at the VA (how to fuck up innovation)
Why American Farmers Are Hacking Their Tractors With Ukrainian Firmware
Councilmember Silverman Wages Continued Battle Against Vacant Properties
The FBI probe into Trump and Russia is huge news. Our political system isn’t ready for it.
Trump’s Move to Defund the NEA Would Deeply Impact DC’s Artists and Cultural Organizations
The big bike helmet debate: ‘You don’t make it safe by forcing cyclists to dress for urban warfare’
“If it wasn’t for insurance, I wouldn’t be here”: how Obamacare’s end would worsen the opioid crisis
No Sympathy for the Hillbilly
The smug style in American liberalism: It’s not helping, folks — but there’s a better way
Liberal shaming of Appalachia: Inside the media elite’s obsession with the “hillbilly problem”
If You’re on Medicaid, Pray You Don’t Live in Dallas
Gorsuch’s big fat lie
Is your school worth one star or five? D.C. officials approve new rating system. (D.C. schools will now be operating under Campbell’s Law)
“Dig once” bill could bring fiber Internet to much of the US
Metro Board set to approve reduced service, increased fares (the ongoing, slow-motion destruction of Metro continues)
Trump withdraws reappointment nomination of popular whistleblower advocate
How the Left Is Using Tea Party Tactics To Take On Both the GOP and the Democratic Establishment

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  1. watermelonpunch – about me!
    watermelonpunch says:

    RE: the VA ;
    It reminds me of Pennsylvania and IBM and the outsourcing the renovation of the Unemployment database system. PA is suing IBM now. There was a lot of churn among the IBM workers assigned to the job. The irony is that the old system, while very old (DOS command line), continues to work apparently.
    It’s almost exactly the same kind of situation. PA was sold on “proprietary commercial”, etc.

    I’m appalled.

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