Links 1/13/17

Links for you. Science:

This bumblebee is the first to become endangered—but it won’t be the last
Troubling examples of ‘pseudoscience’ at the Cleveland Clinic
How Millard Fillmore reshaped the oceans in a quest for guano.
Trump Needs Vaccine Experts, Not Conspiracy Theorists
Obama’s Energy Department Moves To Stop Political Attacks On Scientists


Craven Reporters Scold BuzzFeed For Reporting News
Black Lives Matter
There Are Still Democrats Who Focus On Blue Collar Workers In The Midwest– Let’s Meet Chris Larson Again
Please Forget Trump’s Pee Hookers And Focus On The Treason, You Know Allegedly
Obama’s Other Legacy: “The Greatest Disintegration of Black Wealth in Recent Memory”
The Politics Trump Makes
Russia to Our Right
The basic political problem Democrats face can be summed up in one sentence. Under their watch, the mortality rate went up. (people have to like this crap)
Liberals are drunk on a political poison called intersectionality (as a political mobilization/organizing principle it does have flaws)
Coretta Scott King’s letter that helped sink Sessions in 1986 is finally public
A Chat With the Mayor of Roundabout City, USA
Don’t Watch Donald Trump’s Inauguration
Lessons from Cory Booker and John Lewis
At the National Museum of the American Indian, an Expansive Retropective of Horace Poolaw’s Photography (saw it. It’s excellent)
The Crimes of SEAL Team 6
Woman prosecuted by Jeff Sessions can’t forgive
We’re not opposing Donald Trump with the unified fierceness he deserves

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  1. jrkrideau says:

    Kudos to Buzzfeed. I think the actual report is absolute crap as it stands but the important thing is that this crap was circulating around Washington for months and leaking rumours. The report needed to be published rather than let various insiders get away with innuendos.

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