Median and Marginal Voters: When Good People Get Conned

Before Il Trumpe has been annointed, there’s already a spate of stories about people who are disgusted by Trump’s nominee for Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, who like many bank CEOs profited by foreclosing on people’s homes (often fraudulently or over pitifully small amounts). Here’s one case that has been widely circulated (boldface mine):

When Donald Trump named his Treasury secretary, Teena Colebrook felt her heart sink.

She had voted for the president-elect on the belief that he would knock the moneyed elites from their perch in Washington. And she knew Trump’s pick for Treasury — Steven Mnuchin — all too well.

OneWest, a bank formerly owned by a group of investors headed by Mnuchin, had foreclosed on her Los Angeles-area home in the aftermath of the Great Recession, stripping her of the two units she rented as a primary source of income.

I just wish that I had not voted,” said Colebrook, 59. “I have no faith in our government anymore at all. They all promise you the world at the end of a stick and take it away once they get in.”

…Colebrook wishes she could meet with Trump to explain why she feels betrayed by his Cabinet selection after believing that his presidency could restore the balance of power to everyday people.

“He doesn’t want the truth,” she said. “He’s now backing his buddies.”

Here’s the thing about Colebrook:

She now lives with her boyfriend in the small California city of San Luis Obispo. She volunteers at a homeless shelter, knowing that she could just as easily have ended up there.

I cook at the homeless shelter because there but the grace of God go I.”

I’m guessing, like many decent people, she’s not up to date on the nuances of intersectionality. But she’s probably spending more time around the homeless than many of us. TShe’s probably not a “deplorable.” I don’t know if she would have voted for Clinton. But like a lot of voters, she regrets voting for Trump. No, really, there’s considerable buyer’s remorse regarding Il Trumpe:

Is the median Trump voter awesome? No, he isn’t. But the marginal voters could have been reached–or at least persuaded to not vote for Trump.

Unfortunately, there are too many on the left who are confusing the effects and consequences of a vote for Trump with the reasons some voted for Trump.

There’s an opportunity here if we don’t engage the same blanket stereotypes we often decry.

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3 Responses to Median and Marginal Voters: When Good People Get Conned

  1. Trump causes accident

    MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – A Twin Cities motorist had a novel excuse for her drunken driving arrest: She blamed Donald Trump.
    Police in the suburb of Lino Lakes said the 33-year-old woman rammed into two vehicles stopped at a traffic light Wednesday afternoon.
    The woman told officers she was upset over the election and they should let her go home. Police Capt. Wayne Wegener said the woman was referencing Trump’s victory the night before.
    Her blood alcohol measured 0.33 percent a few hours after the crash, well over Minnesota’s legal driving limit of 0.08.
    The drivers in the other vehicles weren’t hurt.

  2. armchairdeductions – Author, erstwhile consultant, patron saint of the impecunious, and adult survivor of Cluster B matriarchal mayhem.
    John Danley says:

    Then there’s the Scott Adams (quixotic mirth) position. Let’s pretend there’s deep psychological motivation behind the “Master Persuader” who will surprise us in the end with his unmitigated benevolence, strategic perspicacity, and CEO acumen. Dilbert’s progenitor seems to be trying to square a circle that is destined to remain spherical. “Caught between the twisted stars, the plotted lines, the faulty map, that brought Columbus to New York.” — Lou Reed

  3. watermelonpunch – about me!
    watermelonpunch says:

    ** “I just wish that I had not voted,” said Colebrook, 59. “I have no faith in our government anymore at all. They all promise you the world at the end of a stick and take it away once they get in.” **

    I heard things like this a lot while Governor Tom Corbett was in office, mostly by people who voted for him, and then were often the most openly critical. I just wonder if those people just didn’t vote at all in PA this time, and yet others that took a chance, or if the same people might be disappointed once again. It’s hard to say because I don’t know if Corbett lost because people who voted for him voted for Wolf, or just didn’t vote at all in 2014. Wolf is fairly centrist, so it’s hard to say if he won because he was generally palatable, or won because anyone running against Corbett would’ve won.

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