The Best Grifters Get You To Sell Yourself

I’m, of course, referring to this guy (he hates that picture by the way, so don’t spread it around the internet or anything…):

Because here’s what a recent poll found regarding some issues:


Flynn, who was in Japan on the invitation of a U.S. company for which he serves as an adviser, also held talks with a number of other senior Japanese government officials and politicians. They included former Defense Minister Shigeru Ishiba of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party and Akihisa Nagashima, a lawmaker of the main opposition Democratic Party who once served as senior vice defense minister.

In his meetings, Flynn is said to have claimed Trump’s controversial campaign-trail remarks were merely part of the rhetoric needed to secure an election win, according to informed sources. His actual policies after taking office would be different from what he said to galvanize his support base, Flynn predicted.

Trump is the same as he’s always been: five-star sizzle for a one-star steak. There’s going to be huge buyer’s remorse (BIGLY!), though so much damage will have been done by then. The thing Trump doesn’t realize is that it’s really hard, over the long term, to bullshit your way out of trouble when the whole world is watching.

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  1. Jay says:

    I dunno – wasn’t the whole world watching for a year or so before the election? He certainly managed to BS enough of the American people to get him into office.

    Also, honestly I don’t think a lot of his supporters care what he does. He was basically a big FU to both political parties (though he’s going to hurt the Democrats more).

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