Links 9/30/16

Links for you. Science:

How We Got Here: DNA Points to a Single Migration From Africa
Quantum teleportation over 7 kilometres of cables smashes record
A meeting of two ancient empires: How did two Chinese skeletons find their way into a Roman cemetery in London?
Some cities are taking another look at LED lighting after AMA warning
A Health Benefit of Roller Coasters


Hillary’s Night?
Donald Trump: The Michael Dukakis of the Republican Party
The Most Important Point Clinton Made in Her Debate Against Trump (not convinced, but baby steps…)
First Presidential Debate: The GOP Was MIA. Besides birtherism and anti-Blumenthalism, Donald Trump basically ignored the entire Republican agenda of the past eight years.
Chuck Taylor Sequel Flops, Dealing Blow to Nike’s Converse Brand
Rent in our region is expensive. Does that mean it’s unaffordable?
Two Goats Wounded in Attack by Unleashed Dog in Arnold Arboretum
D.C. Commits $7 Million to Fund More Than 100 Units of Affordable Housing in Wards 6 and 8
These 14 Tweets Will Show You Badly Trump Screwed Atlantic City
The White House takes on off-street parking
Are Disabled Workers a Growing Burden? Not Really
In ‘Hitler,’ an Ascent From ‘Dunderhead’ to Demagogue (pitch perfect)
I never worry I’ll be shot in Chicago. After all, I’m white.
Donald Trump’s history of corruption: a comprehensive review
Feds accuse Silicon Valley firm of hiring bias (if I’m not mistaken, Palantir is also a significant government contractor)
Donald Trump and the truth about race and real estate in America

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