Links 9/17/16

Links for you. Science:

Sugar industry secretly paid for favorable Harvard research
How the Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to Fat
Even locals who believe climate change is real have a hard time grasping that their city will almost certainly be flooded beyond recognition.
When the Dust Settles: After Texas Tech researchers discovered that windstorms may be spreading antibiotic-resistant bacteria from local feedlots, public health experts stood up and took notice. So did the Texas Cattle Feeders Association (and why tenure protections matter)
Trump On Superbugs, Vaccines, And Opioids: A Truly Scary Mess Of Contradictions


A Buried Coup d’État in the United States: A new documentary exposes a seldom acknowledged 1898 massacre, perpetrated by a gang of white-supremacist Democrats in North Carolina
How the Trump Organization’s Foreign Business Ties Could Upend U.S. National Security
Deplorable or Pitiful?
Kindergarten Readiness Gap
The Charade That Deters the Use of “Direct Spending” to Fund Federal Operations
Do We Face a Threat of Armed Sedition?
Mike Pence’s campaign cowardice: He confirms Clinton’s condemnation by refusing to call David Duke “deplorable”
Fancy Dorms Aren’t The Main Reason Tuition Is Skyrocketing
Confused About Taxes
Here are 20 questions that Trump needs to answer—now
Don’t let Donald Trump take the Fifth
Scott Walker Put Wisconsin Up for Sale
Donald Trump fans have been sending me racist, hateful messages for months. Here’s a sampling.
Colin Powell Needs to Sit the Next Few Plays Out
Why should Bill Gates decide how our children should be educated?
How Did an Alleged Russian Mobster End Up on Trump’s Red Carpet?

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