Theranos: If L. Ron Hubbard Ran A Biotech Company

It’s hard to do Nick Benton’s expose of Theranos justice, but here’s a taste:

She left the war room for her car—she is often surrounded by her security detail, which sometimes numbers as many as four men, who (for safety reasons) refer to the young C.E.O. as “Eagle 1”—and headed to the airport.

I guess “Jackass 69” was taken.

The entire thing was a con, lock, stock, and barrel. The technology never worked. Not even close. It’s great reporting by Denton, but I still can’t figure out how she ever thought she could turn this around. Did she really think she could bullshit her way through this? Did she get trapped underneath her own bullshit? It boggles the mind.

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2 Responses to Theranos: If L. Ron Hubbard Ran A Biotech Company

  1. anthrosciguy
    anthrosciguy says:

    That’s the problem with running a very public con. In The Sting, Redford and Newman could quietly slip away because they did it in private to a crook who couldn’t afford to have the whole affair exposed. Theranos was out in the open, so you have to keep up the appearance of your thinking it was real.

  2. Felicis – While I've done a lot of things, currently I have sold out to The Man to enjoy a comfortable living in Portland, OR.
    Felicis says:

    Of course – what will become of her? Will she lose the billions she managed to get in this con? Even a tenth of that? Does anyone seriously believe that she will do any jail time?

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