Stop Calling The Racist Right ‘Alt-Right’

Too many pundits are over-thinking the ‘alt-right.’ They’re just the same mean, bigoted, racists that the right has always appealed to since the Republicans adopted the Southern Strategy decades ago. Since then, Republicans have never been able to win without the bigoted wing of their party.

What’s different isn’t the hatred, though the flavor and language has changed somewhat (few things in life remain completely static), it’s that, for once, Republicans might not be able to win, at least at the presidential level, with the bigoted wing of their party.

So I don’t care about their motivations, or the pecularities of this version of bigotry. They align themselves with the right in the U.S. and they are racists. Everything else is commentary.

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5 Responses to Stop Calling The Racist Right ‘Alt-Right’

  1. Kurt
    Kurt says:

    Pundits didn’t come up with the name alt-right. The alt-right-ers, is that a thing?, came up with it themselves! But I agree with your point, they’ve always been around.

  2. preaction – Chicago
    preaction says:

    But how else can we normalize their behavior and bring it out into the open except by giving them a politically-correct name? Wait, aren’t they against political correctness?

  3. redneckcryonicist
    Mark Plus says:

    I suspect the message of the Alt Right upsets a lot of people because it invokes what terror management theorists in psychology call “mortality salience,” namely, reminders of vulnerability, failure and death. Look up terror management theory and see the experimental support it has – you will see human behavior in a new light once you absorb the theory’s implications.

    Specifically, people have finally started to wake up from the fantasy world of the Radical Enlightenment in the 18th Century. This sweeping social experiment – based on pseudoscience about equality, democracy, feminism, human fungibility, the mind as a blank slate, cosmopolitanism, borderlessness, mass immigration, miscegenation and trying to erase the biological distinctions between men and women – has come crashing down around us because it conflicts with man’s nature. “Social progress” can never happen because human nature doesn’t change; and “social justice” remains forever beyond reach because society’s losers, misfits, kooks, weaklings, defectives, scolds, utopians and degenerates have conflicting grievances that they can’t reconcile, especially when it comes to dividing up the shrinking pile of spoils produced by generations of white people’s labor.

    In other words, the Alt Right has rediscovered and articulated for our generation the essential tragedy of the human condition. It has become the voice of wisdom and maturity in a world full of delusions that we can no longer sustain. I have my doubts as to whether Donald Trump has really stumbled across this perspective, much less that he knows what to do with it. But thanks to the inadvertent attention he has drawn to the Alt Right, American politics in the 2020’s could look radically different from the nonsense that has damaged the United States for the past few generations.

    • Anat says:

      Ahem. Progressive policies aren’t about changing human nature, they are about bringing about a more just situation (as progressives view it) given that human nature is what it is. You may disagree with the progressives’ view of what is just and what is fair, but that is a separate question.

    • I bet that sounded better in the original German.

      There is no credible evidence to support the idea that there are inherent intellectual differences between so-called “races” of people. Those who claim there are are the ones engaging in pseudo-science. The “alt” right (alt is German for “old”; coincidence?) is the same old horse shit coming out of younger horse’s asses who think their frank racism and misogyny make them “edgy”. This is only true if you think “edgy” is a synonym for “asshole”.

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