Trump Is Literally Tilting At Windmills

Good catch by Frank Swain:

Cleaner energy through self-sustaining dumpster fire?

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3 Responses to Trump Is Literally Tilting At Windmills

  1. ocschwar – Sysadmin at the MIT Kavli Institute. Trying to keep Linux systems running using Python and baling twine.
    ocschwar says:

    Not just him. The GOP war on science has expanded to a war on engineering.

  2. Art says:

    … “are destroying every country they touch” …

    Has he mistaken windmills, the things that go round and round and produce electricity, for Martian tripods, the things from “War of the Worlds”? No more late night science fiction for you Donald.

  3. elkern says:

    Even beyond self-sustaining, Trump is a “Self-LIGHTING dumpster fire”. And only hippies care about CLEAN energy; Real Men just want MORE energy.

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