Good Move By Clinton On College Tuition

This is promising (boldface mine):

Extending an olive branch to Bernie Sanders and his supporters, Hillary Clinton on Wednesday will announce a plan to make in-state public colleges and universities free for students from families who make less than $125,000 a year.

Sanders made free in-state tuition a core plank of his campaign for the Democratic nomination, and Clinton and Sanders discussed the issue in their meeting last month, according to a Clinton aide.

Sanders hailed the news as “a revolutionary step forward for higher education” in an uncharacteristically positive statement about a Clinton initiative.

I want to take this opportunity to applaud Secretary Clinton for the very bold initiative she has just brought forth today for the financing of higher education. This proposal combines some of the strongest ideas she fought for during the campaign with some of the principles that I fought for. The final product is a result of the work of both campaigns,” Sanders said.

Both campaigns said aides worked behind the scenes closely to hammer out the plan.

During the primary, Clinton often mocked Sanders’ free college plan as too expensive, saying she didn’t want taxpayers to pay for Donald Trump’s kids’ education. However, her plan includes an income cap Sanders’ did not.

First of all, credit to the Clinton campaign for doing this. Second, I think many commentators failed to realize how much traction Sanders’ tuition proposals had with voters under thirty‚Äďand how much harm the “Donald Trump’s kids” line did*. The lesson is, as we often say around here, people have to like this crap (related to that, Charles Pierce’s slogan of “Fck the deficit. People got no jobs, got no money” is also operational). This will give younger voters a reason to vote for her, as opposed to against Trump. Third, I’m glad Sanders decide to hang around and be a pain in the ass, aren’t you? New Democrats respond to pressure, and pressure was brought to bear.

A good development overall.

*Rich people gets lots of stuff “for free.” The solution is to raise their taxes, not crap all over public goods and services.

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One Response to Good Move By Clinton On College Tuition

  1. This is a good move, but like all the rest of Clinton’s proposals for college, they leave the adult college student at the mercy of their family. In a normally-functioning family, that’s alright, the family is likely supporting the student. But in a dysfunctional family, the head of the household can impose conditions for signing the necessary forms that prove the household makes less than 125k/yr (or whatever other form one needs to get financial aid). As an example, for young gay people one of those conditions can be “stop being gay”.

    My own parent never signed a FAFSA in her life. I had forged her signature since 3rd grade because she got angry when I bothered her or indeed asked her for anything at all. This is, of course, turbo-illegal, and if caught, I would’ve had to pay it all back. A friend of mine’s parent refused as well since he “was an adult” and she didn’t want the government to know her income (no, it doesn’t make sense, but it doesn’t have to).

    Giving student aid with the assumption that the family is helping or wants to help will keep a lot of people in abusive and dangerous situations.

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