Warmongering: Still A Form Of Privilege

I’ve addressed this issue before, but this tweet by John Aravosis really pisses me off:

Sure, he’s in the tank for Clinton, and I’ve written many times how there are good reasons to be for and against either Clinton or Sanders. But I have no tolerance for bullshit arguments, especially when it comes to the dead.

Steve Silverman had the best retort:

Serious answer: Yes, I do remember. I was against the Iraq War, and people like me were called traitors.

If you don’t remember where you stood on the Iraq War, trust me, you were for it when it mattered. Because the minority of us who opposed that stupid war were called traitors, quislings, and weaklings, even though we were right for the right reasons (albeit not Very Serious Reasons). And for some, this is not and was not an abstract cause–the consequences are very concrete and real:

What I don’t understand is how so many left-leaning types who were vehemently against Iraq are suddenly willing to let bygones be bygones. Some people aren’t really in a position to do that. They have to live with the consequences of that shitty war every damn day.

It is a form of privilege to be able to ‘move on’ and argue there should be no consequences of supporting the biggest foreign policy mistake in the last couple of decades. It’s revolting. Forget ‘checking your privilege’: check your fucking humanity–to see if it’s still there.

I will support Clinton in the general election because she will be better than any Republican–I’ve done worse. But why some would so eagerly and happily support a warmonger when there is someone else who got it right as an alternative escapes me.

Because the reality was like this:

The soldier’s girlfriend, who was weeping quietly in the cold rain, had more sense than all her purported betters in this city.

Informed that the mayor of New York had just made a huge and bold move on the White House and asked for citizenship for her dead soldier, who was a Dominican, she said at the wake, “What good is it now? He can’t use it.”

He sure can’t. He was Private Luis Moreno. He was 19 years old. They were loading him in his box into a hearse for the ride to a cemetery forever.
She also had a question: “Why is he dead?”

She is Jessica Corporan and she is 18 and was going to marry him when he got back from Iraq. If you are going to have your heart broken, 18 is not the easiest age to evade pain, and she showed it on Friday.

Mayor Bloomberg was proud that he sent a hand-delivered note to President Bush requesting citizenship posthumously for Private Moreno.

The idea wilted in the noisy steam coming out of the radiators in St. Francis of Assisi church on Shakespeare Avenue in the Bronx.

I realize anything remotely resembling the truth is the first casualty of presidential campaigns, but one of the few good moments of the last couple of decades was when the majority of House and Senate Democrats opposed the Iraq War.

Don’t you dare fucking trivialize it.

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8 Responses to Warmongering: Still A Form Of Privilege

  1. realthog – Hugo- and World Fantasy Award-winning author of 70+ books, including novels, story collections, science history and various big fat encyclopedias. Runs the Noirish site at https://noirencyclopedia.wordpress.com/. My website's at http://johngrantpaulbarnett.com/.
    realthog says:

    Aravosis’s tweet seems to have been removed.

    What a jerk he must be. I for one can damn’ well remember being opposed to the invasion of Iraq. I can remember reading the reports (in the foreign press, of course) about Hans Blix and his team of UN investigators on the ground in Iraq beforehand saying they could find no evidence that Saddam had any WMDs. Those reports were available to anyone who troubled to go to, say, the BBC website, and they certainly must have been available to every single politician in the Senate and House, yet so many of those heartless bastards still voted for war . . . and ever since have been playing the “but how could we have known?” card.

    (Let’s not forget UK politicians like Blair, who have even less excuse for their purposeful ignorance.)

  2. Chris Young
    chris y says:

    I would go further. If you can’t remember where you stood on the Iraq war at the time, you cannot be trusted on anything. Anything at all. You’re a complete lightweight who doesn’t understand politics, priorities or people.

  3. FuckHillary says:

    I fucking remember. I remember having the news on the first time I heard Bush mention Iraq. Me and my wife looked at each other like ‘what the fuck is he talking about?’ I remember Cheney ordering the DOE engineers who design our centrifuges to shut the fuck up when they were anonymously quoted in the press that you can’t use anodized aluminum tubes for uranium, the tolerances were wrong etc. Chris is right, if you claim to not remember where you were at the time then fuck you. Same to the assholes who say let’s move on, including Obama. His display of spinelessness was an early disappointment and a sign I got fooled by his bait and switch act.
    I am still angry enough at dems who voted for this war for political expediency, like Clinton, that I am serious about not voting for her. I’ve said this before. The disaster of a Trump presidency may be just the thing to show Hillary that she will not be President because of her immoral support for that war. Fuck her, I hate her. Someone needs to be punished for that war other than the poor bastards we ALL sent over there. We should ALL feel profound guilt over this. But, as is typical for us, especially the sociopath republicans, we can’t even consent to properly take care of their medical problems by fixing the VA. ‘Not with my tax money!’
    But, I have the luxury of sitting this one out since I live in Kansas my vote won’t count anyway since all these assholes will gladly vote for Trump.

  4. Net Denizen says:

    I not only remember being against the war from day one, I also remember Herb Kohl’s office telling us he was “going to see what the mood is in Washington before deciding” whether to vote for the stupid Iraq War Resolution. And them also telling us people called in something like 2000 to 8 to implore him to vote against it, and still giving us that statement. (Spoiler alert: he voted for the resolution despite his constituents’ wishes)

  5. harrync says:

    I was wrong on one thing. I remember thinking “Obviously we won’t attack Iraq unless the UN inspectors find something….”

  6. LucyM says:

    I remember that I supported the war….as late as 2006. I believed in the idea of spreading democracy. I believed the people talking about that and being passionate were the obvious good guys. I believed in American benign hegemony, because the US had like, saved the world at least 3 times in the 20th century. I remember that I couldn’t abide conspirousy theory…I remember my first line of response was something like “…the thing is, conspiracies on a large scale are completely unworkable, anyone the rudest insight into human nature can you that. People just aren’t that competent. People can’t keep their mouths shut. It’s cock-up not conspiracy”. It took a few years to clearly see that those were stock statements with a grain of train, that were promoted by people that wanted to disrupt serious scrutiny by ridiculing. I remember the contempt for YouTube conspiracy theories. The truth is I still do for the most part. But I’ve looked and realized that the way that stated was kind of strange. There was a point in 2002 where suddenly YouTube was flooded by all kinds of nutty conspiracy normally involving the catholic church. People were being recruited into designer conspiracy packages targeting forces and institutions that were effectively on their knees already. Basically irrelevant. And not bad, necessarily. What I think about that, is that I would do something like that if I wanted to disrupt something else that was coming closer.
    So anyway, I did. I did. I believed it and I bought the package of great things to say, off the stacked high shelf in the supermarket of ideas. I’m very sorry about that now. I take responsibility for myself. I think I was manipulated and used and misled. But I also think I was lazy and didn’t care enough, was in an easy life and just wanted to say popular things that didn’t cross lines. I wasn’t anybody, I was just a young person, but I still feel guilty and I think that’s correct.

  7. LucyM says:

    Sorry there’s a lot of minor typos that leave some words missing letters or gaining, making different words in some cases. I think it’s still readable if you want to bother, because your most obvious guess for the right word, will be correct.

  8. FuckHillary says:

    Proofreading is a lost ‘art.’ We all make those kind of mistakes, and sometimes they slip by. I think I understand most of it. You think you were used and mislead, and I agree. We all are to some extent, but in my experience the worst people are the conservatives. I was just at a party last night. My boss’s 50th b-day. Some colleagues were there and members of his family. His wife’s father was talking and got around to Obama while talking to my former boss who I know is an extremely conservative Okie. The old man gets around to mentioning that Obama was on the side of the terrorists. He hates the US and would be happy about a Paris style attack on a US city.
    So while they’re droning on I start wondering what it is that makes a relatively intelligent, decent man, who worked all his life and who is a patriarch of a good and decent family with good caring successful grandchildren get to the point of saying such obvious nonsensical bullshit? It makes me feel sorry for conservatives. That worldview, that way of thinking, the independence, toughness, work ethic, taking responsibility for caring for their own, etc etc. is all fine, but they have nowhere to turn other than Limbaugh and Fox. So they willingly go along so they can stay in the tribe. I don’t know. What is it that takes otherwise good people and turns them into ranting tea baggers? It must be the long-term effects of the right-wing media.
    I felt like telling the old man about a factual case of Presidential treason. When Nixon sent his campaign flak to tell the North Vietnamese to walk away from the Paris peace talks because Johnson was going to fuck them, and he would give them a better deal after the election. Johnson sincerely thought they were close to a deal since the North was ready for the war to be done. He told Everett Dirkson that Nixon was a traitor, but he couldn’t say anything public since J. Edgar had learned of this treason through illegal wire taps. The war dragged on until 1975 and an addition 20,000 US soldiers and many more thousands Vietnamese died after 1968. Nixon has all that blood on his hands.
    But, I was in her home and it was her father and I didn’t think it proper to say anything. He would have dismissed me anyway.
    All of this is history, but the effect of this conservative idiocy is causing us to delay taking action against global warming. People like this old man give political cover to republicans in congress to block any action.
    Our daughter just had her first kid, and for these assholes to allow themselves to be mislead into fucking all of us by locking in the worst effects of a 2 deg C or more increase in average temperature because of their willfully ignorant intransigence is infuriating. Some of them are my friends, but I hate them for it.
    Don’t let this happen to you again. You see what happened when people were too self-absorbed to look into Bush’s bullshit claims. There were enough unanswered questions at the time that should have been pressed. That was the job of Congress. That was Hillary’s job in the Senate. She declined to do it. She didn’t even read the Intelligence that the CIA made available to Congress. They set up a room where members could come in alone and read the document without recording or taking notes or having staff with them. I think only 6 members made the time to read it. There were caveats, and doubts, and questions all through it. Hillary was one who couldn’t be bothered to read it. That is why she doesn’t deserve to be President, and why I am fully willing to accept the disaster of Trump just so she gets it in the ass. Some degree of leadership and balls from her and others may have stopped that war. Cable media would have been forced to cover these questions rather than Judith Millering, and Tom Friedmaning the issue. Just going along with the Bush narrative because it’s easier than arguing and fighting for the truth. I recently canceled my New York Times subscription.
    It is important to pay attention and to recognize that Fox is lying to you. We lost 4500 of our own, and several hundred thousand more overall. Don’t listen to the Iraq Body Count numbers, they are way too low. This is the blood on Bush’s hands. And all of us share the blame. This is the cost of allowing yourself to be mislead. This shit is important, and good people die when we get it wrong.

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