Links 4/11/16

Links for you. Science:

Washington White Nose Bat Death Becomes First West Of Rockies
Senate wants to help NIH with its paperwork (while they’re at it, fix the travel office)
Early and Rapid Settlement of the New World
Beware Regional Scatterplots
From Stone Darts to Dismembered Bodies, New Study Reveals 5,000 Years of Violence in Central California
Eight things I learnt from #tardigate


Skeptics Said $15 Minimum Wage Movement Was Unrealistic — 60 Million People Are Now Slated to Get It
The Politics of the Individual vs. The Politics of Solidarity (excellent)
A Sequel to Sicario Is Officially Happening (Sicario was the best movie no one saw; it will go down as a film noir classic)
Clinton attacks Sanders on guns, but the truth is complicated (Clinton is still better on this issue)
Barney vs. Bernie: Sanders Is the Real ‘Progressive Who Gets Things Done’ (he’s also good at using informal levers to do things)
Donald Trump’s “days of rage”: As the GOP primary reaches its tipping point, Trump prepares for all-out war
There is power in high hopes
Metro general manager says no lengthy line closures are needed to make repairs
‘No relief in sight’ for long TSA lines
The Horrifying Consequences of Our National Rape Kit Backlog
At Sanders Rally in Wisconsin, Tim Robbins Delivers Fiery Speech Against Political Pragmatism (but it’s not pragmatism at all, it’s clientelism)
Bernie was absolutely correct when he said the President has the authority to break up the big banks under Dodd-Frank. He’s repeatedly specified exactly how he’d use that Dodd-Frank authority to do so. His critics are confusing the Dodd-Frank Act with the Federal Reserve.
Abortion and Punishment
The Democrats Are Flawlessly Executing a 10-Point Plan to Lose the 2016 Presidential Election (a bit dire, but if either Ryan or Kasich get the nod, it will be much harder than Democrats think, especially since the story line changes radically)
Do Rising Rents, Especially For The Poor, Mean We Do Not Have A Housing Bubble?
Red Lives Matter (the anti-solidarity of progressives)
How do lower-income Americans see the presidential candidates? There’s only one contender they really like.
Most men stop “leaning in” to their career by their mid thirties
How the $15 Minimum Wage Went From Laughable to Viable (“There are days where I have to choose between buying formula or diapers, paying rent or buying monthly bus passes — these are choices mothers shouldn’t have to make…Maybe this will mean I won’t have to be on public assistance.”)

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