Links 4/5/16

Links for you. Science:

5 Things You Never Knew About Chickens
Theranos isn’t as reliable as conventional labs — and that could be bad for patients
Sanders, other lawmakers seek NIH hearing to override drug patent
Bacteria could be speeding up the darkening of Greenland’s ice
The Replication Crisis Is My Crisis


Homophobia Is A Bipartisan Disease, As We Just Saw Again– This Time In North Carolina
A Dozen Reasons Sanders Voters Are Justifiably Angry at the Media Right Now
Sprawling Mural Pays Homage to Cairo’s Garbage Collectors (THERE ARE GOATS ON THE ROOF)
Trump’s Voters Are Not His Victims
Don’t Grade Schools on Grit
Millennial Sanders Supporters Aren’t Looking In The Mirror, They’re Looking At Us
Neil Irwin on Donald Trump’s Trade Scorecard
In Syria, militias armed by the Pentagon fight those armed by the CIA
What Do Trump Supporters Think About Climate Change? I Went to a Rally and Asked.
Here is what Andy Grove thought we needed to do to boost growth
Neil Irwin on Donald Trump’s Trade Scorecard
The Politics of Futility (the mate of the politics of hopelessness)
Deal reached to boost California’s minimum wage to $15, avoiding ballot box battle
Spring Break’s Cleanup Crew
The Rise of Donald Trump
The Irish Rebellion That Resonated in Harlem
Millennials Like Socialism — Until They Get Jobs. Or Until a Pollster Tells Them That It Would Mean Tax Increases But Doesn’t Tell Them, for Example, That the Tax Increases Would Replace Healthcare Insurance Premiums and Out-Of-Pocket Medical Expenses. And Doesn’t Tell Them That “More Government Services” Means Something Other Than, Say, Trash Collection Twice a Week Instead of Once a Week.
Let the Robots Dig Coal Mines

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