Cruz Versus Trump

With the nascent–and I’m guessing ultimately stillborn–movement among some conservatives to never vote for Trump, with some even voting for Clinton (the Democratic frontrunner), we should be clear: if Ted Cruz manages to beat Trump, they will vote for Cruz, even though, in policy terms (such as they are), Cruz is every bit as awful as Trump, perhaps even worse.


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4 Responses to Cruz Versus Trump

  1. Jay says:

    Cruz frightens me more than any other candidate. He’s like a real-life Bob Roberts without the folk singer likeability, but every bit as conniving. Go Trump.

  2. Tom_b says:

    Trump is a loud-mouthed loose cannon; Cruz is unalloyed, pitiless, beady-eyed EVIL. But, heck, maybe he’s Canadian…..

    • jrkrideau says:

      Like hell he is!
      He has formally renounced his citizenship and we certainly don’t want him back. Mind you, he would have made a great Harper conservative or maybe knocked off Harper. It sounds like they may have been twins, separated at birth.

  3. Gerald says:

    The ENTIRE GOP/Republican field is all alike and in agreement …there is no difference in policies or governance …however …one might want to nitpick the various “candidates”.

    GOP/Republican governance in 21st Century America has been destructive, disastrous and repressive at ALL levels of government Local, State and Federal.

    The “gold” standard was set by Bush/Cheney/GOP/Republican governance 2000-2008.

    Does anyone really believe that a newly elected GOP/Republican will be any different?

    Look at MI, LA, WI, MI, NJ, KA, MS, AL just to name a few place where GOP/Republican governance is in full effect!

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