Links 2/10/16

Links for you. Science:

Budget 2017: NSF increases rely on spending plan Congress won’t like
Is it time to ditch CHG bathing in ICUs and get back to basic infection control?
NIH gets a flat 2017 budget—if Congress can find another $1.8 billion. Fewer and smaller research grants ahead, even if it does come up with the cash
Hawaii’s Big Island Declares Emergency Over Dengue
Budget 2017: Read our round up of Obama’s science funding requests


Why Are Millennial Women Gravitating to Bernie Sanders? One millennial woman attempts an explanation (excellent)
Forced Out: For many poor Americans, eviction never ends (worth noting this is a cash-on-hand problem; welfare reform didn’t help this)
Why the Pundits Ignore the Truth About Sanders Youth Support
Democratic Party Is Pushing Away Its Future (a lot of Clinton supporters seem to be getting butthurt over Sanders supporters leaving for other Democrats speeches, but if I had to listen to several speeches by politicians who were essentially endorsing the candidate I don’t support, I would think about leaving as well)
You agree with Bernie Sanders (but you might not know it)
Why a law meant to protect the poor from gentrification doesn’t really work
The Left
The Time Gloria Steinem Made Bernie Sanders an “Honorary Woman”
Inside the Fast Food Workers’ Protest at the New Hampshire Republican Debate
D.C. teachers say new school system policy could cause grade inflation
It’s Not Just Berniebros: I coined the term—now I’ve come back to fix what I started
Why Bernie vs Hillary Matters More Than People Think
Ted Nugent Blames Jews For Gun Control In Anti-Semitic Facebook Rant (of course, if we’re responsible for what passes for gun control, that does put the lie to how smart we are…)
Maine governor LePage confirms that, yes, he did mean black people

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