Links 2/9/16

Links for you. Science:

The District’s Reported HIV Cases Are Down For The Seventh Consecutive Year (yet Congressional Republicans continue to try to stop D.C.’s needle exchange)
CSR Head Nakamura Makes Bizarre Pronouncement
To Prevent Zika Birth Defects, CDC Suggests Abstinence
This Canadian Lab Spent 20 Years Ruining Lives
Why a top food poisoning expert won’t ever eat these foods


Adolph Reed on Sanders, Coates and Reparations
Hillary Is the Candidate of the War Machine
Without Walmart, the long wait for more groceries continues in east D.C. (no one could have predicted…)
This Solar Road Will Provide Power to 5 Million People
What We’re Seeing with Bernie Sanders Was a Long Time Coming
Hillary Clinton’s Wildly Unrealistic Puppies and Rainbows Plan
Sanders Vows To Kill TPP If Elected. Will Clinton?
An Open Letter to Ta-Nehisi Coates and the Liberals Who Love Him
Emcee Of African-Americans For Hillary Event Used Anti-Gay Slurs On Twitter (“While we welcome the support of everyone, we’re only able to control that which is said by our campaign”–unless you’re a Sanders supporter. Or something)
1965-1975: Another Vietnam
Yglesiastical Contrarianism
Good question. Why _would_ anyone plow a mule from sunrise to sundown for 50 cents a day?
The Yakuza Are Running Japan’s Hollywood
A Person Subject to Government Secrecy Rules Complains About Hillary Clinton’s Approach to Them
Bernie Sanders Tells Berniebros To Knock It Off — ‘We Don’t Want That Crap’

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