Links 1/9/16

Links for you. Science:

The increased risk of death at out of hospital birth isn’t small after all
The surprising thing ancient mummies tell us about what to eat
Gene therapy treats Duchenne muscular dystrophy in mice
No Vaccination, No Camp. Finally.


The Sudden But Well-Deserved Fall of Rahm Emanuel
Why the Post Office Makes America Great
Why Does the CIA Keep Its Art Collection Secret?
In Raucous Westbard Debate, Supporters of Redevelopment Say They’re Part of ‘Silent Majority’
The Obama Report Card: The Good, the Bad and the Incomplete
A generation of failed politicians has trapped the west in a tawdry nightmare
Inside the Minds of Gun Gropers
What that militia in Oregon really wants, in 1 paragraph
Are you working this week? Welcome to the office dead zone.
Rare Color Photography of Early 1900s Paris
Revisiting the Impacts of Teachers (pdf)
Um… There Are These Kids We Call ‘Students’?
Bundy Militia Musters Again Over Paiute Land
Elizabeth Warren And Chuck Schumer Will Have To Co-Exist
St. Francis Square: How a Union Built Integrated, Affordable Housing in San Francisco

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