The Mad Biologist’s Most Read Posts, 2015 Edition

Actually, it’s hard for me to determine that, since I’m no longer a paid blogger, so I’m not doing things like sticking posts below the fold. Put another way, about ninety percent of people come through the front door (and welcome and thanks for reading to all who do). So this best of is essentially the most viral of social media. Without further delay…

Top ten science-related posts from 2015 of 2015:

Last Line of Antimicrobial Defense Is Falling: Colistin Resistance Transmission
Thoughts on the Promises of Big Genomics
Plasmid-Borne Colistin Resistance Has Jumped Species and Maybe Hemispheres
Corruption Can Not Be Contained: The Geoff Marcy Edition
So, What Is a Post-Doc Worth?
Wyoming’s War on Microbiology
Two Issues With Null Hypothesis Testing
A Question About Oxford Nanopore and the Cost Model
NCBI To Rename Incorrect Genomes…
All NIH Restructuring Proposals Need to Explicitly State Who Gets Culled

Top ten non-science posts from 2015 of 2015:

Gawker Inadvertently Reveals the Real Shocker
They Really Don’t Like the Rest of Us
The Trouble With Tenure
One of the Pitfalls of School Choice: Providing Misinformation
In Which I Don My Tin Foil Helmet
This Is Not Education, But Child Abuse
Republicans, You’ve Come a Long Way Baby
Surprisingly, Something Involving Henry Kissinger Turned To Sh-t: The Theranos Edition
Why Is Everyone Claiming Blogs Are Dying?
Listening While Ashkenazi

Top ten blasts from the past (non-2015 posts):

Four Hours at the ER Is Expensive (And Why a Bag of Saline Costs $676)
Pity the Poor Couple Who Make Only $450,000 Per Year (Again)
The Economics PhD Job Market As a Reality-Distortion Field: STEM PhDs, We Made a Bad Career Move
It Is Now Physically Impossible For An Adult to Fit on a Plane
Karmann Ghia
How to Prevent Single Parent Homes: Guess What? It’s Something Conservatives Oppose
Anti-Vaccination Has a Slight Rightwing Trend
According to Anti-Gay Bigot ‘Logic’, Minnesota Teens Are Having Sex With Deer. Or Something (You’ll Never Think About Bambi the Same Way Again)
When Someone Claims the War on Drugs Is a War on Minorities…
Scientific Writing Is Really Boring

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