Links 12/28/15

Links for you. Science:

Can’t Disrupt This: Elsevier and the 25.2 Billion Dollar A Year Academic Publishing Business
Cameras capture never-before-seen footage of wild crows building tools
Salmonella traced to pet turtles is spreading once again
Rich, White and Refusing Vaccinations (I would prefer to equalize outcomes with a progressive income tax, but YMMV)
Four Times When Journalists Read a Scientific Paper and Reported the Complete Opposite


Will Hillary Clinton admit that welfare reform was a failure? (must-read, especially by those left-of-center, many of whom have completely deep-sixed the ’90s in their zeal for Clinton)
The embarrassing truth about SpaceX
How the Nazis co-opted Christmas
Medical Records Systems All Need to Talk to Each Other (I’ve heard about this second-hand; Epic is pretty awful)
Who is Rey? Ok, this post will contain massive Star Wars: The Force Awakens spoilers. You’ve been warned (spoilers, but if you’ve seen the movie, it’s good)
Why the Movie ‘Concussion’ Spells Trouble for the NFL—and Moral Angst for the Rest of Us
What Really Happened With the DNC’s “Datagate”?
Reforms to Ease Students’ Stress Divide a New Jersey School District
What if Reason didn’t write the NYT coverage of Oberlin students?
Man Literally Pulls Gun On Someone Because His D*ck Doesn’t Work
Charles Dickens on Seeing the Poor
Climate Change: A Tale of Two Governors
Have California Voters Finally Had Enough of Prop 13? (the number of white people who don’t want their taxes to help any non-white people is decreasing)
How to generate a Golden Age: TV Edition

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