Links 12/18/15

Links for you. Science:

Scientists identify effective and novel mechanisms to block chikungunya virus
You’re Surrounded by Bacteria That Are Waiting for You to Die
Letting the dumpster fire burn on and on
Congress let the NIH drop the HIV/AIDS set-aside: Implications for NIDA?
STEM postdocs and solutions to the problems


Conservatives: Same As They Ever Were (must-read)
A grim bargain: Once a weakness, low-skilled workers who get paid little have become the Deep South’s strength
Unearthing King Hezekiah’s Biblical-Era Seal
In Legal Fight Over Minimum Wage Vote, A Much Larger Issue Looms: D.C.’s Elections (awesome. Not really)
Spending bill restores DC Metro funding to $150M
Are Democratic Voters About to Make the Same Mistake Again with Hillary Clinton? (for the record, I get a really bad Martha Coakley vibe from her)
Federal Judge Who Ruled Against D.C. Gun Law Disqualified
Why are we still putting up with scam ads and fake news stories?
The new science of traffic engineering
Pharma Bro’s Latest Move Targets Latinos (related post here)
Shadow Chancellor: Katherine Bradley’s influence calls into question who really makes the decisions about D.C. education reform
Get rich or die vlogging: The sad economics of internet fame
You Can Buy Insulin Without A Prescription, But Should You?
WMATA will try out flexible “name your own price” passes (this is really important for ownership and increasing its relevance to people’s lives)
Republicans Have Nothing to Fear But the Fear of Shifting Demographics
I Boldly Went Where Every Star Trek Movie and TV Show Has Gone Before

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2 Responses to Links 12/18/15

  1. Chris G says:

    > for the record, I get a really bad Martha Coakley vibe from [Clinton]

    @#$%. Yes, that’s it exactly. What possessed my fellow Democrats to go for her 2:1 over Capuano in the special election to replace Kennedy is beyond me. Capuano would have beat Brown like a rented mule. (Silver lining though, if Coakley had ended up our Senator then there probably wouldn’t be a Sen. Warren now. There’s no way she’d have been dislodged by another Democrat.) Then last year we could have nominated Grossman [1] or Berwick [2] for Governor [3]. Nope. Coakley’s record as AG improved after she lost to Brown but she exhibited minimal vision while campaigning against Baker for Gov – lots of platitudes and other happy talk, very lite on substance. That the MA Democratic party refuses to do better than Coakley is indicative of a pathological problem. Superficially, it’s an “It’s [X]’s turn.” problem. If it’s not your turn then don’t rock the boat and mind your own business until it is. I think it’s grounded in a suburbanite sense of decorum. $%^&ing villagers. Anyhow, Clinton and national party have that problem in spades. How we get past it is beyond me.

    1. An excellent Treasurer
    2. Questionable managerial skills but a good vision for using govt to help people
    3. Grossman did get the party endorsement but finished a distant second in the primary.

  2. You wouldn’t get a Coakley vibe if you were living in NY when she was our senator and had seen her campaigning and then doing constituent service in person. Not only would HRC have shown up at that Fenway hockey game, she’d have been down on the ice.

    And didn’t Coakley get the Senate nod by carrying the western end of the state in a 3 way race that had the 2 Boston area candidates cancelling each other out?

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