Links 12/12/15

Links for you. Science:

Chomsky was right, researchers find: We do have a ‘grammar’ in our head
One reason you didn’t get that grant is because Theranos
Prospective whole genome sequencing enhances national surveillance of Listeria monocytogenes
The Cougar Next Door
Biggest Walrus Gathering Recorded as Sea Ice Shrinks


Study Finds Unions Improve Teacher Quality, Lead To Lower Dropout Rates
DC’s Neighborhood Namesakes, Ranked
Actually, Conservatives Have Been Praising Internment for a Long Time
You Are Not Going to Resist the Government With Your Guns
With his speech on San Bernardino, Obama is confronting a problem he’s long feared
Does Clinton Really Oppose TPP? There Is A Test For That
One Simple Chart Shows How The Democratic Candidates’ Climate Plans Have Drastically Changed
New Cleveland Park library shaved and simplified in wake of critical reviews
The South won the Civil War: White men, racial resentment, and how the Bitter Minority came to rule us all
Sanders says a shift in campaign focus would be a ‘disservice’ to millions of working people
A Carved Stone Block Upends Assumptions About Ancient Judaism
Three Months Late, D.C.’s Plan To End Traffic Fatalities Is Coming Next Week
Twitter Is Testing a New, Facebook-Style Timeline. People Hate It Already.
Bernie Sanders Is Working To Build A New Winning Coalition
New York City to spend $20 million on security guards at private and religious schools (Dear Fellow Jews, not cool)
Gun Groper Jargon
The Immigrant Hordes
JPMorgan Had ‘Sons And Daughters’ Hiring Program For Chinese Elite (but affirmative action, something, something)
John Thompson: Why Raj Chetty Is Wrong

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