Terrorizing Children to Protect Fetuses

Or, anti-abortion assholes gotta asshole (boldface mine):

Leaders at a public charter school in Northeast Washington filed a lawsuit Wednesday against antiabortion protesters who they say are harassing students in their efforts to stop construction of a Planned Parenthood facility next door.

Two Rivers Public Charter School alleges in a complaint filed in D.C. Superior Court that the protesters have engaged in “extreme and outrageous conduct” during the past several months, targeting schoolchildren as young as 3 with gruesome images of aborted fetuses and messages about the “murder facility” going in next to their school. The school is asking the court to order protesters not to talk to the schoolchildren or approach them outside the school…

Parents and teachers coming in for conferences at Two Rivers in August encountered protesters in front of the school holding pictures of dismembered fetuses and calling the neighboring facility a “baby killing center,” according to the complaint.

Since then, protesters have repeatedly waved graphic images at children as they walked toward their school, allegedly telling students that “they kill kids next door” and urging them to tell their parents to stop the “bloodbath that’s coming,” according to the lawsuit. The school claims that demonstrators have crowded the school’s drop-off lane and protesters have followed families up to the front door or down alleys behind the school when students tried to seek alternate entrances.

The allegedly harassing behavior has caused teachers to keep students inside during recess and made many parents and children fearful, the complaint says.

The complaint describes two demonstrations in November and includes the text of an email sent to administrators by one of the defendants last month that asked them how they plan to act to prevent Planned Parenthood from opening next door, and to protect their students and the reputation of their school.

“I’m sure you don’t want to see me, my anti-abortion friends and our graphic images any more than we want to be in your neighborhood,” the email said…

Lauren Handy, an antiabortion activist from Virginia who is named in the lawsuit, said the protesters are exercising their First Amendment rights, and they hope they can come to an understanding with the school. “It is tragic to see peaceful, prayerful public witness silenced in the nation’s capital,” Handy said.

Mind you, the school has absolutely nothing to do with the clinic. But these anti-abortionists are willing to scream at small children in order to intimidate their parents into opposing the clinic–in a city which is strongly in favor of legal and safe abortion. One of the protestors is described as “Robert Weiler Jr., a Maryland resident who served a prison sentence for plotting to bomb an abortion clinic.” Glad he’s within shouting distance of a school.

While we’re here, what kind of religion defines showing small children graphic footage of fetuses and shouting at them as “peaceful, prayerful witness.” Sounds more like an abomination before God to me…

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2 Responses to Terrorizing Children to Protect Fetuses

  1. As someone who was raised Southern Baptist before coming to my senses, the church does this in Sunday School for the older kids so they will tell the younger kids how horrible it is that doctors are killing babies in unspeakably evil ways. They take the older kids aside, tell them horror stories (most of which I came to find out later are not true) and show them aborted fetus pictures. Even at 7 I remember asking “Why would people do that?” and receiving “That’s what the adults told us” as reply.

  2. Dbp says:

    We need a media that isn’t afraid of using god damn honest language.
    “Woman Haters and Terrirost Team Up to Frighten Children”
    Also, why is someone who was arrested for a bomb threat (a terroristic one at that) not banned from being near schools? Frankly I think a person with that kind of past is at least as dangerous as a person who was caught pissing outside. Perhaps terrorists shouldn’t be allowed to have guns or be allowed schools.

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