Links 12/8/15

Links for you. Science:

Let’s stop pretending peer review works
More bad news about the global spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria
Rival Scientists Cast Doubt Upon Recent Discovery About Invincible Animals
Ottawa researcher to students: Don’t be scientists due to ‘dismal outlook’
Strange-Looking Animals You Had No Idea Existed


No, poverty is not a mysterious, unknowable, negative-spiral loop (excellent; like my Uncle Harry used to say, “Rich or poor, it’s always good to have money)
2nd Amendment Night Before Christmas (fucking brilliant)
It’s not just Trump: Islamophobia in America is spiraling out of control
New Metro GM Paul Wiedefeld: I’ve Got ‘a Load of Work to Do’
The Lies We Accrue (related post here)
The Surprising New Effort to Tackle the Student-Debt Crisis
Mass shootings really are a bad way to frame the gun violence debate
You Will Not Die in a Mass Shooting (but people are really scared anyway…)
Learning from the Pharmacy
No Excuse, Deceptive Metrics and School Success
Ohio community lives in fear as rifle-toting white man stalks black neighborhoods with impunity (the dubious freedom to be an asshole)
Trump and the “Low-Skilled” Labor Myth
Citizen complaint of the day: New York rats eat pizza? Bah, Boston rats EAT CARS
How gun control works in America, compared with 4 other rich countries
We’ve had a massive decline in gun violence in the United States. Here’s why.
I fit the description….
Planned Parenthood: Myth Vs. Fact

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