Cruz, Paul, and Rubio Think Making It Easier To Buy a Gun In D.C. Will Make Us Safer

It will probably do wonders for the tourism bidness as well (boldface mine):

The three leading senators pursuing the Republican presidential nomination — Ted Cruz (Tex.), Rand Paul (Ky.) and Marco Rubio (Fla.) — have clashed recently on foreign policy and other issues, but they agree on this: Congress needs to wield its constitutional muscle inside the District of Columbia.

Paul on Thursday announced his plans to introduce the “Defend Our Capital Act,” which would end most of D.C.’s strict local gun laws, becoming the last of the three senators to introduce bills this Congress overturning policies implemented by the District’s locally elected officials.

Rubio introduced his “Second Amendment Enforcement Act” in March. Like Paul’s bill, it would eliminate local gun laws, including a gun registration requirement and a ban on assault-type weapons, and pave the way for recognition of out-of-state concealed-carry permits. That same month, Cruz led an effort to overturn one D.C. law that sought to protect employees from employer retaliation over reproductive health decisions and another that prevents religious colleges from banning gay student groups.

It’s annoying when these shitheads fuck around with the Metro (the transit system) or local minor regulations, but this crap is going to get people killed. The overwhelming majority of guns used in D.C. crimes come from out of state: we certainly don’t need to make it easier to buy a gun in D.C. It’s also worth noting that very few guns purchased in D.C. are currently used in crimes outside of D.C. I guarantee once chuckleheads are able to buy ‘local product’, people in other states will start dying from D.C. guns–not just ones purchased by criminals, but guns that are stolen or jacked from law-abiding citizens. Given that the city, compared to the pre-September 11th 2001 era has been turned into an armed camp, it makes no sense from a national security sense to make it easier for someone to buy a gun. One should note that the ‘logic’ of ‘the best way to stop a man with a gun is another man with a gun’ does not apply to the Senate Building, which is a strict gun control zone.

But the key thing is this: the citizens of D.C. have decided, in my opinion for the better, to make it difficult to purchase a gun. Unlike other U.S. citizens, we aren’t allowed to make our own decisions on this issue, whereas Sen. Cruz’s, Paul’s, and Rubio’s states can.

Have no doubt, none of these guys give a damn about the residents here, this is just political hackery:

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D), the District’s nonvoting member of Congress, said Paul’s bill is particularly “disappointing” because the libertarian-minded senator had previously voiced support for the District’s ability to legalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana. And, she said, the bill’s timing is “beyond irresponsible.”

“This one really gets on my nerves, because it comes at a time when there’s been a spike in gun crimes here and across the country … and it occurs after there’s been a specific threat on the capital of the United States,” she said, referring to an Islamic State terror threat.

It’s an obvious ploy to get some attention to his flagging presidential campaign,” she added.

We would like to make our mistakes, not Florida’s, Tennessee’s, and Texas’.

Statehood now (or at the very least, real Congressional and Senate representation).

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2 Responses to Cruz, Paul, and Rubio Think Making It Easier To Buy a Gun In D.C. Will Make Us Safer

  1. Dbp says:

    It should be legal to open carry on Ted Cruz’s lawn At any time of the day. After all, a guy walking around with a 12 gauge shotgun can’t possibly be dangerous.

  2. anthrosciguy says:

    Good thing Republican’s believe so deeply in local control, local government.

    And so wonderful that our major media doesn’t call them on their hypocrisy during their campaigns.

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