Links 11/1/15

Links for you. Science:

The woman who can smell Parkinson’s disease
New Species of Galápagos Tortoise Is Identified
The Soil Microbiota Harbors a Diversity of Carbapenem-Hydrolyzing ß-Lactamases of Potential Clinical Relevance
Cuba forges links with United States to save sharks
It’s time to kill MRSA exceptionalism


The Disproportionate Risks of Driving While Black: An examination of traffic stops and arrests in Greensboro, N.C., uncovered wide racial differences in measure after measure of police conduct
Boston City Hall Emails Found in Ashley Madison Leak: Municipal emails across the Commonwealth are now caught up in the hacking of an infidelity site
Trey Gowdy Just Elected Hillary Clinton President: Thursday’s asinine Benghazi hearing solved every major one of candidate Clinton’s strategic problems
Nice little streets you have here, be a shame if anything happened to them (“Why Democratic presidents insist on appointing Republicans to this job I will never understand”)
Ethical and methodological issues in assessing drones’ civilian impacts in Pakistan
A disconnect: Money can’t buy you broadband in wealthy exurbs
Study says standardized testing is overwhelming nation’s public schools
Putin’s Question, Syria And The Future Of The Middle East
Theranos doesn’t want its tech compared to other machines — except when it’s convenient
Bernie Sanders’ Views On Secularism & The Drug War Present An Important Alternative To Hillary Clinton’s Conservative Views
Where Do English Ph.D.’s Get Jobs? It Depends on Where They Studied.
IRS Turns Out to Be Big Bureaucracy, Not Terrorist Organization
Why I Still Get Shunned by Taxi Drivers
When the Washington Post Calls the Chained CPI “More Accurate,” They Mean They Like It
The NLRB Gets Ready to Pull the Trigger on Grad Student Union Rights

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