Hurricane Katrina 2005 Links

For relative newcomers to the blog, I’ve been writing this crap since 2004. Originally–pre-ScienceBlogs days–this blog was hosted on Blogger, which, at some point, EATED MY BLOG. Thankfully, the Wayback Machine preserved it. While my efforts to move the posts to this blog has been, well, sucky, I thought recapping what I wrote at the time about the destruction of New Orleans was worth revisiting. On the public health front, I overemphasized second-order concerns, largely because I had no idea just how awful the response to basic first-order concerns would be. Also, I had forgotten I had dubbed Little Lord Pontchartrain’s relief response “Operation FUBAR.”

Some of the posts hold up over time, some don’t.

Below are links to some New Orleans-related posts (unedited, except for typos and grammar; note some of links are currently dead as they link to the old blog or are just ten years old) in chronological order:

The Levee Broke
Citizenship, Not Partisanship
A Bit More About Infrastructure
A Note on Spin
Health Crisis in New Orleans
And I Was Worried About Hospital Infections
Send in the Royal Canadian Marines
Not a Looter, a ‘Righteous Gentile’
HHS Response to Gulf Coast Catastrophe
But At Least Condi Bought Some Cool Kicks
At Least Clinton…
The First Microbiological Crisis
An Answer to Kos’ Question
The Destruction of the Can-Do Spirit
More Science Infrastructure Follies
Why Did FEMA Cut Communications in LA?
Post-Racism? Nope. Back to the 80s
Clueless in the White House
Best. Nickname. Ever.
The Bush Team’s Execution
This Is What Gets Me Too
Sometimes the Personal Is Very Political
Blackwater in NOLA: Crossing the Rubicon?
We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Constitution
A Stupid Experiment (the first glimmerings of disaster capitalism)
This Is Why We’re Not Post-Racist
‘They’ Are Our Fellow Citizens

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    Many thanks for this. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Yes, thanks for posting these again. After reading them, my profound depression and pessimism about the future of the country have been deepened. Thanks.

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