Links 6/28/15

Links for you. Science:

What Could Go Wrong? The government is putting a pathogen-research lab in Tornado Alley.
Broad Institute, Google Genomics to develop online tools to analyze genetic data
Old privileged idiots defend Tim Hunt and call for sexism to be brought back
The man who keeps finding new species of shark
Cancer reproducibility effort faces backlash


Former senator Jim Webb (D-Va.) appears to defend Confederate flag (shithead; and this isn’t a brave stance either)
The Confederate Flag, the Washington Football Team, and the Owners Who Love Them
Reevaluating Head Start
Mass Shootings Are Preventable
Testimony shows many at Metro were in a haze while train was stranded
Dean Of Washington National Cathedral Calls For Removal Of Confederate Imagery
The Cost Of Independence: Economics And Labor In DIY Music
Where America’s worst roads are — and how much they’re costing us
On Bristol Palin’s Pregnancy Announcement
Hogan goes off the tracks (I’m old enough to remember when everyone said we need to deal with Baltimore’s problems…)
Statehood Bill Once Again Introduced in the Senate
An interview with the Baltimore cop who’s revealing all the horrible things he saw on the job
Scalia Is a Twitter Egg
A New Right Grounded in the Long History of Marriage
A History of Hate Rock From Johnny Rebel to Dylann Roof
Steve Spurrier Was Right: We Need to Get Rid of ‘That Dang, Damn Confederate Flag’
Class Size: The Common Sense Bus doesn’t stop on School Reform Blvd.
I Am So Happy About Gay Marriage Being Legal in the US
French Taxi Drivers Receive Concessions Through Violence

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