Links 5/5/15

Links for you. Science:

Statement on NIH funding of research using gene-editing technologies in human embryos
Action against antibiotic resistance begins with the community: Community-based study unravels global transmission and resistance patterns in emerging Shigella strain (E. coli as a sexually-transmitted disease)
NIAID Helps Launch First “African Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics” (ACE) in Mali
Possible Sexual Transmission of Ebola Virus — Liberia, 2015
Horribly bleak study sees ‘empty landscape’ as large herbivores vanish at startling rate


If Asian Americans saw white Americans the way white Americans see black Americans (well, I do denigrate suburban culture…)
Freddie Gray’s life a study on the effects of lead paint on poor blacks
There is a name for this
Lefties, meet your candidate: Why Bernie Sanders is the only authentic alternative to Hillary Clinton. Dissatisfied with Clinton’s centrism? Well, Warren won’t run and O’Malley’s a poser. Embrace the blunt Brooklynite
Anti-Gay GOP Politician Comes Out After Being Caught Sending Explicit Photos On Grindr
When Will Apple Stop Screwing the US Economy?
Kansas shows us what could happen if Republicans win in 2016
American Psychological Association Bolstered C.I.A. Torture Program, Report Says (the phrase you’re searching for is war criminal)
“Globalization” Was Policy, Not Something That Happened
Bernie Sanders Jumps In: The Last Bull Moose Campaign
‘Pop, third grade is no joke’
Baltimore Burning: The Case For Homicide
Baltimore and The Walking Dead
Supplemental: Nicholas Kristof does it again! Featuring his latest remarks about our dismal schools
Lawyer suing Aaron Schock says he can’t find former Instagram star
Why NC needs an opt-out option for school testing
Holy State Takeover!
An Interview With Wanksy, Penis Doodler and Pothole Avenger

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