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How Does One Even Make an URL Like This?

I receive emails with journal tables of contents, including Emerging Infectious Disease. Here’s the url of an article provided in the article: It resolves to this: Not clear to me why the first version is needed, or how … Continue reading

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Yes, the Congressional Retirement Plan™ Is the Real Source of Corruption

Six years ago, I wrote a post that was spread hither and yon because it apparently described the real source of political corruption–giving lawmakers cushy jobs after they leave office: If their reluctance to support a public option were based … Continue reading

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Links 4/23/15

Links for you. Science: NIH Director Defends Decision To Add More Employee Parking The New York Times Misplaces FDA Blame In Latest Dietary Supplement Spiking Episode Overuse of antibiotics for the common cold – attitudes and behaviors among doctors in … Continue reading

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Observed on S Street, between 18th and 19th, Dupont Circle, D.C.:

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Some Doubts About the Proposed NIH Doubling

Former Republican congressman Newt Gingrich recently proposed a doubling of the NIH budget. To provide some context, from ~1994 – 2003, the NIH budget was doubled. Then the music stopped, funding plateaued, and even declined in real dollars, leading to … Continue reading

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Links 4/22/15

Links for you. Science: Despite Attempted Curbs, Animal Antibiotic Use in US Still Increasing NIH says: Our scientists are too important to pay for parking or take transit The Myth About Women in Science? Bias in the Study of Gender … Continue reading

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The Anti-‘Free Range’ Kids Argument One Never Hears

In the midst of all the back and forth about ‘free range’ kids (my thoughts here and here), there is one argument against the concept that is never voiced. No, it’s not ‘evildoers are going to snatch your children’ paranoia. … Continue reading

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Servility and the On-Demand Economy

In a development that no doubt will cause much wailing and gnashing of teeth among the technobratacy, a labor lawyer has the crazy idea that, if the ‘on-demand’ economy treats supposed contractors like employees, then they should receive employee-level compensation … Continue reading

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Links 4/21/15

Links for you. Science: Roundup and Risk Assessment Climbing Stairs Isn’t About Burning Calories Controversy awaits as House Republicans roll out long-awaited bill to revamp U.S. research policy 45 years after Apollo 13: Ars looks at what went wrong and … Continue reading

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A Hugo Award Observation: The Irony of Rabid Puppies

No, I’m not referring to genuinely ill dogs–that’s just sad to even think about. Instead, I’m referring to a bunch of rightwing morons headed by a blogger known as Vox Day (SEE WHAT HE DID THERE? AND HE WILL HAVE … Continue reading

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