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Dogwood Close Up

Observed on T Street, between 14th and 15th, Shaw, D.C.:

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Misunderstanding the Progression of Big Science

In an interesting article about large-scale science projects (aka ‘Big Science’), Tim Requarth wrote this, which seems to have received a lot of support in the intertoobz (or at least the Twitterz; boldface mine): But here may be the real … Continue reading

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Links 4/26/15

Links for you. Science: The Daily Show is just plain wrong on pot being non-addictive Ebola: The road to zero Scientists Perturbed by Loss of Stat Tool to Sift Research Fudge from Fact (related thoughts here) Space geckos show their … Continue reading

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16th Street Deco

Observed on 16th Street, between T and U, Dupont Circle, D.C.:

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When You Watch Everyone, You See Nothing

A while ago, I finished Bruce Scheier’s, Data and Goliath. This seemed important (pp. 139 – 140; boldface mine): When he was NSA director, General Keith Alexander argued that ubiquitous surveillance would have enabled the NSA to prevent 9/11. That … Continue reading

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Links 4/25/15

Links for you. Science: Facts Are Your Friends — Vaccinate Your Children A vaunted new study says women have it easy in STEM fields. Don’t believe it. It’s the WaterMAN award, afterall… Apollo-era computer auction brings back memory to a … Continue reading

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Stag, Party of One

Observed on Logan Circle, D.C.:

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Firing Faculty and Lack of Agency

Recently, an Iowa legislator proposed a ‘Hunger Games’ scenario for faculty retention: A bill circulating in the Iowa State Senate offers a novel (and cutthroat) way to hold professors accountable: putting their fates into students’ hands, Survivor-style. Every year the … Continue reading

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Links 4/24/15

Links for you. Science: Whole Genome Sequencing for National Surveillance of Shiga Toxin Producing Escherichia coli O157. Archaeologists Take Wrong Turn, Find World’s Oldest Stone Tools NIH Funds Nine Antimicrobial Resistance Diagnostics Projects Lyme Disease Is Wracking New England. Why … Continue reading

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Observed at the corner of 12th Place and W Street, U Street Corridor, D.C.:

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