Unlike most yards in Dupont Circle, this one on 16th Street, between T and U, isn’t perfectly manicured (by a long shot), but somehow it ends up looking interesting, if unkempt:

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4 Responses to Disheveled

  1. BobTerrace
    NewEnglandBob says:

    So ring the bell and tell them to get the yard heveled.

  2. John Kane
    jrkrideau says:

    For someone who finds the hectares of mown grass seen in the suburbs that is a most refreshing scene.

  3. armchairdeductions – Author, erstwhile consultant, patron saint of the impecunious, and adult survivor of Cluster B matriarchal mayhem.
    armchairdeductions says:

    Symmetry is overrated.

  4. geo says:

    I believe I see a few spring ephemerals ( the blue flowers in back) and maybe some dandelions in front (bad! Weed them out), so this may be an effort toward natural vegetation, which is fine. Hooray for someone countering the lush green lawn chemical cocktail desert.

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