Links 4/27/15

Links for you. Science:

Simple Rules for Healthy Eating
Fix the Flaws in Forensic Science (also read this)
Academia no more.
Why there are still far too few women in STEM
Spitting cobras


The Asshole Factory: Our economy doesn’t make stuff anymore. So what does it make? (must-read)
The homeless man who works in the Senate
4 questions that GOP candidates don’t deserve a cookie for if they answer correctly
NYT Really Wants You To Believe Their Latest Right Wing Hackery
A grand tour of NYC art deco sites includes a close encounter with the All American strain of Talibanism
Guided by the Beauty of Their Weapons: An Analysis of Theodore Beale and his Supporters
After 9/11, We Were All Judith Miller: Journalists owe the American people an apology.
Pinocchio Wars: Senator Sherrod Brown Versus the Washington Post Fact Checker
Homeless Millennials Are Transforming Hobo Culture (the next time someone screeches about poor people having cell phones, just send them this–it’s an essential survival tool in 21st century America)
Vast Majority of New Office in Region Near Metro
China Says Please Stop Hiring Funeral Strippers
House committee votes to upend first D.C. law in 23 years (and it has to do with reproductive autonomy. Of course)
Checking Your Privilege At Auschwitz
The Return To Mena Airport: It Begins Again. In which we learn that rich people like the Clintons have lots of money.
Why So Many Abortion Providers Still Feel So Unsafe

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