Links 4/25/15

Links for you. Science:

Facts Are Your Friends — Vaccinate Your Children
A vaunted new study says women have it easy in STEM fields. Don’t believe it.
It’s the WaterMAN award, afterall…
Apollo-era computer auction brings back memory to a pioneer in computer scientist
“But It’s Just a Theory”


Race Matters (but Not To Conservatives)
How did the ELA exams go today? Please let us know!
Why Are Political Groups Pretending to Be Debt Collectors?
How the Fed is Making the Rich Richer and Leaving You Behind
Why $15 and a Union Is Worth Fighting For: One Worker’s Story
California flipped education-reform script, knowing sanctions/test-driven accountability helps no one. Here’s how
Why the Deal With Iran Is Worth Fighting For
The Real Access Problem with the Hugos
Some comments on the Hugos and other SF awards
Quote of the Day
America’s Political Obsession With the “Middle Class” Hurts Workers
How Uber surge pricing really works
David Berliner’s Views on the Teaching Profession
Scott Walker’s administration walks back attack on Wisconsin family planning clinics
FLAKKA! (and other failures of the alleged profession of journalism)
Polls Have Been Misleading You About What Americans Actually Believe About Abortion

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